• Biogas Plant India

    We are operating a 2.4 MWel biogas waste plant in South India together with our holding company, IOT Mabagas. » Biogas plant India
  • Biogas Fuel

    Tank up our bio-CNG made of organic residues and waste materials at eleven service stations throughout Germany: » Biogas Fuel

Green Gas from Organic Residues and Waste Materials

We produce biogas from organic residues and waste materials in » our own biogas plant in India. In 2015, we withdrew from biogas production in Germany, as the organic waste fermentation and biogas production market has not developed as expected. We have now focused our efforts on the international business. 

We offer biogas made from organic residues and waste in the form of bio-CNG (compressed natural gas) as a vehicle fuel at our own filling stations in Germany. To better leverage synergy effects within the Marquard & Bahls group of companies, the bio-CNG filling stations network, which currently includes 11 stations, has been operated by » OIL! Tankstellen since January 2016.