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Reference: Biogas Plant in Lünen

Biogas plant in Luenen

Earlier Cooperations with Public Service Companies

The 2 MWel biogas plant running on energy crops and digestate was commissioned at the end of 2009 together with the public services in Lünen. The plant was designed, built and operated by Mabagas. For strategic reasons, the shares in the plant were transferred to the » public services in Lünen in February 2010. 

SiteLünen, Germany
CommissioningDecember 2009
Plant typeSingle-tier wet fermentation with 2x 6,000 m³ fermenters, central stirring
MethodMesophilic fermentation
Power2.0 MWel equivalent
Input material Up to 70,000 tn/a energy crops, cattle and pig slurry
Biogas output46 million kWh/a
Special featuresBiogas drying and desulfurization unit connected to
a 6.5 km microgas line with 10 satellite BHKWs, approx. 250 kWel each

As on: 28.02.2013

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