Reference: Biogas Waste Plant in Bardowick

Bardowick Biogas Waste Plant

Earlier Operations of the Biogas Waste Plant

In October 2015, Mabagas disposed of 100% of the shares in the waste biogas plant in Bardowick, Lower Saxony. At the biogas plant commissioned in 2007 up to 36,500 tons of organic residues and waste materials from the regions of Hamburg and Lüneburg were used every year. It was used to produce up to 17 million kWh power annually.

CommissioningMay 2007
Plant typeTwo-tier wet fermentation plant, total volume 8,200 m³
MethodMesophilic fermentation 
Power2.1 MWel
Input materialUp to 36,500 tn/a of organic residues and waste materials
Power output17 million kWh/a
Special features2 unpacking lines for ensuring flawless operation, separate inlet for liquid wastes, sanitation of organic material

As on: April 2015