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Biogas Waste Plant in Namakkal, India

Mabagas Namakkal biogas waste plant, India

Our International Commitment

With our 50% holding in IOT Mabagas, we commissioned our 2.4 MWel biogas waste plant in South India in December 2012. Annually, the plant produces power, heat and manure from up to 120,000 tons of poultry manure and other organic residues and waste materials from that region. IOT Mabagas Private Ltd. thus consciously refrains from using renewable resources so as to avoid competing with food production.

The plant is a single-tier wet fermentation plant, consisting of four fermenters with a total volume of 16,000 m³. During operation, this capacity allows a production of about 8 million m³ or 40 million kWh of biogas every year and its subsequent conversion to power using two combined heat and power plants of 1.2 MWel each.

When operating at full capacity, the plant will be able to generate sufficient electrical power to cover the annual requirement of more than 5,000 Indian households. The digestates resulting in the process are separated, sun-dried and then used as fertilizers in the surrounding agricultural areas.

The biogas plant in Namakkal, India, is a Carbonbay Gold Standard CDM Project:
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SiteNamakkal, India
CommissioningDecember 2012
Plant typeSingle-tier wet fermentation plant, four fermenters, total volume 16,000 m³ (2x 3,200 m³, 2x 4,800 m³)
MethodMesophilic fermentation
Power2.4 MWel (2 combined heat and power plants, 1.2 MWel each)
Input material Up to 120,000 tn/a of organic waste materials and residues, mainly dry chicken dung and residues from the local starch and sugar industry
Planned biogas output40 million kWh/a or 8 million m³/a
Covers the power requirement of the following number of households in India5,000
Special featuresDigestate utilization: use of fertilizers in the surrounding agricultural areas after separation and sun-drying

As on: 15.07.2013

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