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What Advantages Does Our Biogas Offer?

Advantages of biogas

At Mabagas, we are specialized in the use of organic residues and waste materials. They are produced in our society every day: in each of our homes, on green spaces for public use or in the food and fodder industry as well.

Even the food industry and trade sector produce unavoidable wastes every year in the form of packed products, be it due to production errors, technical wastes or expired best-before dates of the products in the market.

All these organic substances are highly biodegradable and the methane that is produced as a result can be used in different ways as an energy supplier. And: It is also much more practical and affordable to use wastes than to get rid of them!

Accordingly, the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act obligates every food producer and the trade sector to make use of its residues and waste materials.

By using the waste materials and residues for producing energy,

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