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What is Biogas from Mabagas?

Bardowick Biogas Waste Plant

Biogas from Residues and Waste Materials

Biogas plants are categorized (mainly in Germany) either as agricultural and industrial biogas plants or as biogas plants that supply power/heat or gas.

Biogas system typeAgricultural
Input materialSilages and liquid manure
Organic waste materials and residuesMabagas
End productPower and heatMabagas

At Mabagas, we work only with industrial biogas plants. This means, we neither use any input material obtained from an agricultural source such as liquid manure, dung or other co-ferments nor energy crops such as maize or grass silage. We use organic waste materials and residues such as:

Our Biogas Plant Systems

At Mabagas, we only build biogas plants for in-house operation. As a vendor-independent biogas producer, we make use of the entire market spectrum for plant engineering and can therefore use the most suitable technology for the raw materials in question.

For instance, the » biogas plant of Mabagas Bardowick (reference) was later also equipped with a hammer mill and an extra unpacking machine in addition to a hygenisation and separation unit. This way, we were able to reduce the proportion of impurities (glass, metal, plastic) of packed foodstuffs in the substrate to 1%.

In the » IOT Mabagas biogas plant in Namakkal/India, the digesters were manufactured locally by IOT Infrastructure & Energy Services. CHPs (combined heat and power plants), solid feeding and digestate separation units were imported from Germany.

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