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How is Biogas Produced?

Production of Mabagas Biogas

From Substrate to Bio-CNG

The input materials that we use to produce biogas in our » plants, come from food producers, supermarkets, cities and municipalities (bio-waste containers), catering businesses etc. The so-called “substrates” are temporarily stored in a hall, unpacked by a machine if required, crushed in a “hammer mill” and then fed as pulp into a tank – also known as fermenter. The fermenters produce gas with a methane proportion (CH4) of approx. 50%.

Before it is fed into the natural gas grid, this raw biogas must first be treated in a treatment plant till it obtains natural gas quality, i.e. till substances such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, sulfur oxide, etc. are filtered out. The purified biogas can then be transported to any location via the German gas distribution system. A meter measures the amount of “green gas” that was fed. The required quantity is collected at the point of use, e.g. at the site of an industrial customer. This way, the customer uses our biogas on balance.

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