• Biogas Plant India

    2.4 MWel biogas waste plant in South India

Realignment of Biogas Activities

As part of the realignment of the Marquard & Bahls Group and active portfolio management, the biogas activities of Marquard & Bahls under the name “Mabagas” will in future be consolidated in IOT Infrastructure and Energy Services Limited (IOT). For this purpose, IOT will acquire the shares of Mabagas GmbH & Co. KG (Mabagas) in the joint venture of IOT Mabagas Pvt. Ltd. (IOT M) and thus becomes 100% owner of the biogas plant in Namakkal, South India.

The biogas plant has been in operation since December 2012. Since then, electricity production has been continuously increased and "AYSWARAM", the company's own organic fertilizer brand, has been successfully established on the market. With the takeover of the shares by IOT, the next technical innovation is now being established: In future, the biogas produced will no longer be used for electricity production but will be processed into natural gas and marketed as CBG (Compressed Bio Gas). A Memorandum of Understanding between INDIAN OIL CORPORATION and IOT has already been signed for this purpose.

Mabagas will cease its activities in April 2019 with the sale of the shares and the completion of the necessary steps.