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Construction Gets Underway at First Biogas Plant in India


After the successful launch of the Laboratory of Biogas Analytics by IOT Mabagas Ltd. in Mumbai in December 2010, the expansion of the company’s business activities in India is picking up pace. The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for the first biogas plant of the joint venture between IOT Infrastructure & Energy Services Ltd. and Mabagas GmbH & Co. KG took place in Puduchatram, Tamil Nadu (India) on 08. June 2011.

The plant currently under construction is a one-step wet fermentation plant comprising four fermenters with an overall volume of 16,000 m³. In full operation, over 40 million kWh of biogas can be produced per year. For the production process, approximately 100,000 tons of substrates are needed every year, for which only waste materials from agribusiness and dry chicken dung are used. In doing so, IOT deliberately refrains from using renewable raw materials, as is often the case in other projects.

Once the building work has been completed, the plant is expected to produce over 15 million kWh of electricity a year – enough to meet the annual electricity needs of over 5,000 households in India. The fermentation residue formed in the process is separated, solar-dried, then used as fertilizer on the surrounding farmland. IOT Mabagas intends to register the project in accordance with the UN climate protection goals for the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases.

Mabagas GmbH & Co. KG is a subsidiary of Marquard & Bahls AG, Germany, an independent petroleum and energy company, which is active in oil trading, storage logistics, aviation fuelling and renewable energies. The objective of Mabagas is to realize biogas projects on the German and international markets utilizing organic waste products. The services range from project engineering, planning, financing, construction and operation of biogas plants all the way through to the selling of biogas for power and heat generation and for use as bio-CNG.

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