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Corporate Responsibility

We shoulder responsibility

We Shoulder Responsibility

As a subsidiary of  » Marquard & Bahls AG we take our entrepreneurial responsibility very seriously. This includes our involvement in the areas of corporate governance, social responsibility, charitable activities and, at Mabagas, the ecological responsibility towards our environment in particular:

As an energy company that traditionally deals with fossil fuels, Marquard & Bahls started working on alternatives for finite fossil resources at an early stage. Biogas is a good addition to our energy portfolio thanks to its versatility as a fuel or as a supplier of heat and power. For ethical as well as economical reasons, we decided to produce our biogas solely from residues and waste materials and not from energy crops. We thus optimize CO2 emission from our alternative energy source and, at the same time, rule out a “food vs. fuel” debate.

Within » Marquard & Bahls Corporate Responsibility embraces our commitment to Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Citizenship.

Corporate Governance includes rules and practices to ensure accountability, fairness, and transparency in the relationship with all our stakeholders. These principles are defined in the Marquard & Bahls Code of Conduct.

For us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means the voluntary integration of social and environmental aspects in all our business activities.

Our responsibility for health, safety, security & environment (HSSE) we particularly stipulate in our » HSSE Policy.

Corporate Citizenship substantiates our social engagement in local neighborhoods, our contributions to charity organizations as well as research.

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